• A lawyer shall perform his work independently and protect the autonomy of the legal profession

  • Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence

  • A lawyer shall always provide his Client with an impartial opinion of his affairs

  • A lawyer shall, in his professional as well as other activities, protect the honour of the legal profession
  • A lawyer shall promote justice and prevent injustice

Gu­r˙n Helga Brynleifsdˇttir
Gu­r˙n Helga Brynleifsdˇttir
Supreme Court Attorney
Hˇf st÷rf: 30.11.-0001

Born in ReykjavÝk 1954. Graduated as Cand. jur. from the University of Iceland 1981. A degree in Economics from Lund University, Sweden 1987.  District Court Attorney 1998 and a Supreme Court Attorney since 2006.

Agent at business and tax auditing departments of the Tax authorities of Lund and Malm÷, Sweden from 1987-1988. Head of VAT department of the Internal Revenue Directorate in Iceland from 1988-1991, head of office at VAT- and tax control department of the Tax office in Reykjavik 1991-1993. Vice Director of the Internal Revenue Directorate 1993ľ1999.  Partner at Reykjavik Law Firm since 1999.


Field of expertise
Tax law
Value Added Tax (VAT)
Administrative law
Bankruptcy law
Business administration
Business consultancy
Family law

Chairman of Iceland Geo survey from 2003.
Member of the Complaints Committee on Pollution Prevention from 2004.
Councilman in the Town Council of ôSeltjarnarnesö from 2002 to 2010. 
Vice member of an Appeals Committee under the Act of official Supervision of Financial Operations. (87/1998)