• A lawyer shall promote justice and prevent injustice

  • A lawyer shall perform his work independently and protect the autonomy of the legal profession

  • Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence

  • A lawyer shall, in his professional as well as other activities, protect the honour of the legal profession
  • A lawyer shall always provide his Client with an impartial opinion of his affairs

Garšar Steinn Ólafsson
Garšar Steinn Ólafsson
Attorney at Law
Hóf störf: 01.07.2015
Born in Reykjavķk, Iceland 1983. Mag. Jur. degree from the University of Iceland 2012. District Court Attorney from 2013.

Legal & administrative specialist for the Rulings Committee for Electronic Communication and Postal Affairs  2006-2008. Part-time legal associate at Reykjavik Law Firm concurrently with law school. Self-employed as legal consultant since receiving Bachelors degree in Law from the University of Iceland 2009. Associate at Löggaršur Law Firm 2013. Founding partner of own law practice 2013-2015. Partner at Reykjavik Law Firm from 2015.


Areas of Practice
Garšar Steinn Ólafsson has specialised in civil rights advocacy and the interaction between individuals, corporations and the state. Special areas of expertise include administrative law, employment law, constitutional law and civil rights, privacy and information law, victim advocacy and criminal defence.